Augusta Ga TEDx Event 2018

It’s another legendary year for Augusta GA. This amazing town is hosting yet another TEDx event which will be held on February, 3rd, 2018. The previous 3 TEDx events in Augusta have been not only educational but lots of fun too.

TedX Augusta 2018

The event theme for 2018 is “Venture: Dare to be audacious”. We cannot contain our excitement as this event is going to motivate people to be brave enough to get out of their comfort zone and just do it. This way, the people can achieve more, grow and become better versions of themselves. Each year, the theme becomes better hence making the event something to look forward to.

Quick talk about the past TEDx events in Augusta

Previously, the TEDx events in Augusta have hosted instrumental speakers: doctors, musicians, lawyers, artists, innovators, entrepreneurs, techies, politicians, writers, reporters, and much more.
The last TEDx event that I attended was an absolute eye opener for me and I ended up starting a business out of it. Georgia SEO Explosion, LLC which is designed to help local businesses with branding, social media, search engine optimization, and website content optimization along with design.
This is all in part of meeting Jay Sammit which was a speaker at the last TedX event in Augusta, GA.
Here is a clip of that very talk in which lit a fire in me and basically woke me up to a new life.

Here are some reasons as to why you should attend the next TEDx event?

1. Community Growth

Who wouldn’t wish success and growth on their community?
Everyone would and in this case, the residents of Augusta, GA. TEDx events are inspired by the international TED talks, videos and live speakers.
These are widely known to help gear the world towards growth and prosperity in all areas. Smaller towns and cities have then adopted this idea in the hopes of inducing positivity at a local level. The ‘x’ in the TEDx simply means that the idea is inspired by the mother organization, TED.
With each event in Augusta, the locals can be assured of some sort of positivity and growth in one way or the other. The locals can choose to discuss issues involving the growth of the community as a whole or on a personal level. Either way, some positivity is bound to be brought about by these talks.
Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. This gives you all the more reason to branch out and engage new people. The fact that different speakers are invited to address the congregation means that you will definitely learn something new.
The locals who have attended the previous TEDx talks in our community can attest to have learned a few new things that have helped them improve their business or themselves.
Do you know what entails in the life of a reporter?
Do you know the skills and qualities that your local radio station look for?
You might be a perfect candidate and your one-way ticket out of unemployment. Besides understanding how things work, rest assured to learn a lifelong skill that other people don’t.

2. Community Bonding

All the other TEDx events in Augusta have really worked a great deal in bringing people together. People came out of the event closer and happier than ever before.
Business people found partners, weight watchers found partners to jog in the evenings with, new moms found other moms willing to share experiences with and basically the locals became unified.
You will be surprised to learn that your quiet neighbor could actually be of great benefit to you. Someone else may confess to traveling out of town to purchase a product that you sell locally simply because they weren’t aware.
Maybe even also meet a mom with a teenager who shares the same interests as your teenage daughter and your introvert husband could find a golfing buddy in the group. The bonding experience brought about by this event is always surprising. There’s only one way to find out what will happen, attend.
You’ll be surprised to discover that we are all connected in one way or the other. After all, who wouldn’t mind enlarging their circle of friends?

3. Fun…day full of entertainment

Although TEDx events are meant to be educational, there’s no denying that they can be lots of fun too. Augusta has been known to host some of the best TEDx events. For starters, we have some of the funniest and interesting speakers ever.
Expect lots of laughter and bonding activities. The thrill of meeting instrumental people in the congregation and having an open chance to interact with them is phenomenal.
This may be your once in a lifetime opportunity to talk and laugh with your favorite local radio personality. Get to listen and laugh at their jokes on a face to face basis. This may be the perfect opportunity to get autographs, photos and even souvenirs from inspirational speakers in the event.

4. Self Growth

Would you like to enlarge your territories?
Learn first-hand of how successful people made it?Learn ideal ways on how to achieve success?
Then this is it, the 2018 TEDx event. We cannot emphasize enough on how vital this event is for the people looking to better themselves.
This is where you will have all your questions answered by successful and instrumental pioneers.
Learn ideal ways on how to achieve success?
This is your one-time opportunity to seek clarity on foggy subjects in regards to your success and prosperity. Get a chance to learn new tactics and watch your business burst out of its comfort zone. If you utilize this opportunity well, you shall come out of this event smarter and more successful than you ever were.
Be keen, take notes, ask questions then go home and implement everything that has been taught and spoken off in the seminar. It is in the previous events that we have learned that the gate to success is always open.
Only the brave ones walk through it and enjoy the benefits. You no longer have to wait to attain a certain age, skill or budget to start working on your goal. It is at the TEDx event that you will learn how to use what you have to kick-start your journey to success.
Positivity is a virtue that you will discover in this annual event. You will discover that successful icons and empires before you did not achieve success by paying attention to the barriers standing before them and neither should you.
You will learn that focusing on them only magnifies them. Grab this opportunity to learn how you can actually bloom where you are planted. You already have all you need; the will, drive and ideas. Join us and watch your doors to success as an individual and a member of the society open wide.
I know that I am looking forward to the upcoming TedX Augusta event in 2018, I wouldn’t miss it. If you have a hunger inside of you that needs to learn and grow then this is an event for you.