About Georgia SEO Explosion, LLC


Georgia SEO Explosion, LLC is aimed a being the leading marketing agency in the south east by over delivering for every one of our clients. We have developed a system that will blow your competition away. Bringing you the customers your company deserves.


Our techniques imply:

  • Reputation Management
  • SEO strategies
  • Social media branding or optimization
  • Visual designs
  • Optimizing your conversion rates
  • Content Marketing
  • Location Improving Searches
  • Activity report for your business


Georgia SEO Explosion, LLC  Call us at 706-651-9293 for all your media and marketing needs.

 It is features like this are implemented to improve your overall profit by having a better return on your investment. After using Georgia SEO Explosion, LLC you will no longer worry about where to get your customers. Also helping to reduce the cost of your advertising. We started up to help local businesses grow and rise to where they want to be. This will be done from by using what seems like the most widely ignored advertising platform, the internet.


Why did we start business in Georgia which helps other businesses?

Helping businesses brand themselves through social media, website traffic, and content marketing is what we do. We work painstakingly to give the very best to our customers because we care. We Provide the #1 thing most places lack….great service. These days it seems like companies feel they can live without the internet support. That is just not the case because of the need for smart devices at the tip of our hands.

Our Media Marketing Abilities is What Separates Us From the Pack!

Shane is about being as open and transparent so he can to provide the best information to keep his clients. Keeping them well informed of their progress. Every company has different hurdles to overcome so results could be quicker for some and slower for others. In the end, the goal for us to deliver you the very best results. Just a note, with everything these days, there are no guarantees but we promise to deliver a professional service. If the items we recommend are done then the greater the odds of meeting your goals can be.

Shane Welcher is an internet entrepreneur known for helping businesses to the next level by reducing their advertising cost. Along with improving that companies conversion rates. When it comes to search engine optimization and company branding, the strategies that he uses is second to none.


The unique techniques that we use makes us the best and separates us from the rest of the pack.

Shane has worked in this field over the past 4 years but with other SEO companies and has now made the change to being CEO of what he feels will become the leading digital marketing agency in the south east. If you would like to see some real life business owners testimonials that I worked for then click here.

Shane Welcher

Shane Welcher CEO at Georgia SEO Explosion, LLC      (706)651-9293




Beautiful downtown view of Augusta, Ga from the Savannah river. Shane currently lives in the beautiful town of Augusta, Ga and services all the surrounding areas to an out reach of all of Georgia and parts of Carolina.

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